Klangkunst: A dream within a dream

Mittwoch, 06. Februar | 19:30 Uhr | Black Box, HfM Mainz


Klangkunst-Konzert: „A dream within a dream“

mit Arbeiten von
Anahita Ghasemi Nasab (Iran)
Christopher Dahm (Deutschland)
Wingel Gilberto Mendoza (Mexiko)

Künsterlische Leitung: Prof. Peter Kiefer, Kaspar König

Neben Einzelarbeiten der Studierenden ist eine Group Performance zu erleben, inspiriert durch das Gedicht „A dream within a dream“ von Edgar Allen Poe.

::: 43 Dream tones ... by Wingel Gilberto Mendoza (Mexico)
Our dreams are based in our personal and daily life experiences, sometimes they bring us memories creating a new non-real present. I brought some significative sounds I had in my childhood and with these I creat different dream scenarios. 43 Dream tones for amplified table, loop tapes, tape machines and live electronics.

::: One Word ... by Christopher Dahm (Germany)
Which sounds can be derived from a spoken word? How does the meaning of the word behave in this context? In digital soundscapes Christopher Dahm embarks on an experimental search. In the ten-minute piece, one word is deformed in various ways, decomposed and reassembled.

::: My Joint Self! ... by Anahita Ghasemi Nasab (Iran)
Three short pieces for Piano, Assistant and Audio Tape. Based on three abstract paintings by Sina Mousavion.

::: Group Performance ... inspired by Edgar Allen Poe