Church Music (Diplom A)

1. Overview of the degree program

Requirements for the qualifying examination  4 semesters (2 years)
Overall scope 63 semester hours
Degree Diploma in Church Music (A level) 
Program objective Diploma in Church Music (A level) 
Course structure and contents

The degree program encompasses the subjects listed below. A specialization can also be added to enhance professional preparation or to supplement the degree program as a whole. The time requirement for a central major is 8 to 15 semester hours.

Diploma examination in the fourth semester

Core subjects

Organ score-reading and sight-reading (9 semester hours)

Organ improvisation (9 semester hours)

Choral conducting (8 semester hours)

Orchestral conducting (12 semester hours)

Major subjects

Piano and/or cembalo (5 semester hours)

Score reading (2 semester hours)

Voice (3 semester hours)

Composition (6 semester hours)

Other academic qualifications

Organ excursion (generally a major excursion abroad) Participation in a choral ensemble at the university (6 semester hours)

Participation in two public recital evenings

Diploma examination

Part A: Subject examinations for the major subjects

Part B.1: Subject examinations for the core subjects and in the selected specialization (not public)

Part B.2: Public performance as part of an organ concert and a concert with voice soloists, choir and orchestra, with the second concert divided into one examination section for choral conducting and one examination section for orchestral conducting.


2. Requirements for the qualifying examination


Requirements  General higher education entrance qualification ('Allgemeine Hochschulreife'); the qualified secondary diploma ("qualifizierte Sekundarabschluss") 1 is sufficient if the applicant has already completed a B examination with a grade of at least "good" at a state-certified educational institution. A qualifying examination must also be passed. 
  • Presentation of organ works from four different periods, including an outer movement from a trio sonata by J.S. Bach or a choral concertante prelude, such as BWV 650, 664, 676, 688 (Duration approx. 20 min)
  • Improvised intonations and cantus firmus handling in various self-selected forms; song accompaniment based on a single-voice pattern, including highlighted cantus firmus and transposition of church songs. (Duration approx. 10 min).
Practice work with a university choir

Conducting: (Duration approx. 30 min)

The applicant will be informed of the the task one week before the examination.

Score playing Practical oral examination
Pass/fail of the qualifying examination

The examination shall be considered failed if

  • the grade for the major subject instrument (organ) is lower than 4.0 (based on German grading system)
  • the grade for conducting is lower than 4.0 (based on German grading system)