Jazz and Popular Music (M.Mus.)

1. Overview of the degree program


Standard period of study  4 semesters (2 years) 
Overall scope

120 credit points

48 semester hours in the compulsory modules

Admission requirements

University entrance qualification as per Art. 65 Sec. 1 of the University Act (HochSchG): General higher education entrance qualification or a discipline-specific admission qualification

Successful completion of a qualifying examination

A Bachelor's degree in Music or an equivalent degree awarded by a university in Germany or abroad.

Good command of English

Entrance into the program only possible in the winter semester
Degree Master of Music (M.Mus.)
Program objective The consecutive Master's degree program is an artistic degree program that builds on an initial professional university degree and leads to an additional academic qualification for a future career. It is designed to provide participants with in-depth, specialized musical/artistic and academic insights and skills.
Course structure and contents

The course of studies encompasses the compulsory modules:

Artistic training l

Instrumental or voice major subject or major subject composition, jazz research (instrumental or voice major only), orchestral project (composition major only), project/forum

Artistic training ll

Instrumental or voice major subject or major subject composition, project/forum

Ensemble l, ll

Ensembles, big band

Music Theory

Advanced jazz theory / improvisation, composition/arrangement, recording project Module-specific examinations after the second and fourth semester

(for more information see module handbook)

Other academic qualifications Internship (4 semester hours)
Master's examination

1. Module-by-module exams during the course of studies

2. Final performance examination

For Composition major: additional studio recording


2. Requirements for the qualifying examination


Major subject

Test duration: approx. 20 Min.

Instrumental major: Presentation of four pieces with improvisational elements in various styles. Sight-playing.

Jazz voice major: Presentation of four pieces with improvisational elements in various styles. Sight-singing.

Composition / Arrangement major: Presentation of three own compositions (at least one title for a large ensemble, such as big band or orchestra) and one arrangement that has been recorded to CD (midi file also possible). Duration of the works at least three minutes each. Sight-playing.

Ear training / Jazz theory

Oral examination (examination duration approx. 20 min.)

Playback of chord sequences and melodic phrases

Harmonization with a provided melody

Questions related to the specific subject

Ear training

Written examination (duration 1 hour)

Dictation of brief melodic phrases (such as excerpts from instrumental solos) including the respective underlying harmonies

Rhythm dictation

Jazz theory Written examination (duration 1 hour) Harmonization and arrangement of a provided melody.