ManagerDr. Carolin Lauer       

Personal Assistant to the RectorRector's and management assistant: Eva-Maria Hohaus
Rector's and management assistant: Birgit Caspar

Student Advising Office Course and examination management: Cornelia Martin, Birgit Wenkel, Petra Hertel
Assistant learning and teaching: Andrea Gieseke M.A.

Press and Public Relations

Head: Katja Klein M.A.
Organizational assistant: Daniela Mandrik M. A.
Event management assistants: Noémi Nagy B.A., Martina Pipprich, Daniel Specht (Student assistants)

Management Baroque Vocal - College for Ancient MusicDr. Carolin Lauer
Assistance: Claudia Martin (Student assistant)

Management International Summer School Singing SummerDr. Carolin Lauer
Dr. Kristina Pfarr M. A.

BuildingservicesTechnical assistant: Helmut Bender
Caretaker: Helmut Kerz, Klaus Klein, Adel Samie